Monday, September 22, 2008

Naomi's first swim lesson!

(Shhh...don't tell anyone she's supposed to be three to start!)

In reality, no one signed up for the mommy-n-me class, so the aquatics director called to ask if it was okay to sign her up for the big kid class. After having watched big brother swim for a year...she was overjoyed to be able to start her own class!

Naomi was all smiles from beginning to end!

Tate was even happy to see little sis swimming!
She even smiled AS she was swimming!
She waited "patiently" for her turn...
...and she fearlessly jumped in...take note of the huge smile!
Watch out Michael Phelps! This chic's got it goin' ON!

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katejbarrett said...

Your daughter is so cute! I am so happy to see pictures of your family and to see how you are doing!

Kate Barrett