Thursday, June 12, 2008

Toilet Training

Naomi's Ten Step Potty Process:
Step 1: Remove all clothing from the waist down.
Step 2: Place potty seat on the potty.
Step 3: Climb onto the potty.
Step 4: Wait for about 12 seconds to see if you really need to go.
Step 5: Grab about 1/2 the roll of toilet paper and shove it in the toilet.
Step 6: Jump off the toilet, run upstairs, and grab a new pair of clean clothes.
Step 7: Attempt to re-diaper and re-dress yourself. (If this doesn't work, no worries, just run around naked instead!)
Step 8: Step onto the stool to wash your hands.
Step 9: Rinse thoroughly.
Step 10: Grab the towel off the holder and dry your hands.

After proceeding through the 10 Step Potty Process clean and re-dressed, you may leave the restroom. Four important reminders:
1: Do NOT flush the toilet.
2: Do NOT turn the water in the sink off!
3: Do NOT return the towel to the towel hanger (You can't reach it anyway!)
4: If you accidentally make a mess on the toilet seat, grab the toilet brush and the strong smelling "bleachy" stuff, and make sure you clean it yourself!

1 comment:

Lydia (& William) Welch said...

At least you're even trying to wash your hands. When I'm done shoving my roll of toilet paper in the potty. I hop off, pull up my pants (with bottom still dripping), yell "I don't need to wash my hands!" and bolt.